Chevy Venture Engine

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The Chevy Venture minivan that was produced by General Motors from the years of 1997 to 2005. It is the cousin to the Buick Rendezvous and the Chevy Astro Van. It came in three models: the base model, the LS model and the LT model. The base model was a short van, the LS came in both short and long versions and the LT was exclusively long as it was the LS upgrade. The Venture and all it cousins ran on a 3.4 liter LA1 v6 engine that was built exclusively by General Motors. These engines gave 180 hp. In 1999, these motors received some modification so as to give 185 hp.



The GM 3400 engine was used in many vehicles like the Pontiac Grand Am, Chevy Impala, and Oldsmobile Alero. All of the Venture models came in a four speed transmission system that was automatic. The exterior was also refurbished in 2001, some safety measures were installed and an all wheel drive version went into the market in 2002. That was all that was done as far as the engine went. Used Chevy Venture engines are readily available at any of the major car dealers. If you cannot find them there, then feel free to poke around the internet and you will find one of these motors.

As far as other changes went, the Venture received doors that were power sliding in 1998 and an all wheel driving system in the same year. The model also received LCD screens and vhs players in 1999. This model was known as the Warner Brothers model. A new grille was introduced in 2002 and this saw the Chevrolet logo moved from the top of the car to a chrome bar that was mounted on this new grill. This year also saw the addition of a standard DVD player and an all out 5-screen entertainment system was incorporated. In the last year of manufacture, the Venture was left unchanged from major redesigns being planned for 2005 and 2008. All in all, this Chevy model did not see a lot of action on the engine front but it received a lot of attention on the interior and the exterior front.