Chrysler Arrow Engine

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The Chrysler Arrow was also known as the Plymouth Arrow.  Its life began in 1974 and was an addition into the larger Mitsubishi Lancer family.  This car came with the same drive train and used engine as was used in the Mitsubishi Celeste that was sold in Japan.  This car was also heavily related to the Dodge Colt that was another car that Mitsubishi built for Chrysler. With the cost of fuel rising, Chrysler thought of rebranding and redesigning the Celeste so as to offer a fuel efficient car option.


In the original lineup, there were three different models. These were the base model that came with either a 1.4 liter or 1.6 liter motor. This engine had a 4 speed transmission that was manual.  The GS model of this car had special badges included, a superior trim and an interior superior to the others. There was also the option of a three speed automatic transmission for this car.  The GT models were top of the line because they had a five speed transmission that was manual, a console, sport seats and a special stripping.

The engine of the Arrow Pass was a 1.6 liter or a 2.0 liter overhead cam option with both of them having four cylinders.  In 1977, the car received a new 2.0 liter motor for the GS and GT models.  In order for the car to make fuel combustion a lot more efficient, the car had a jet- MCA system that shot air into the cylinders at a very high velocity. All of these used Arrow engines are for sale and they can be found on various websites on the internet. They can also be found at auto shops and garages.

Starting in 1977, the GS and GT models could come with an overhead 2.0 liter engine with an overhead valve and 5 speed transmission that was manual on the GT and four speed manual on the GS. The 1.6 liter engine that remained on the base model was made to be the standard and it was left with a four speed auto or manual transmission.  Later, all of the models would get to receive upgrades to their exteriors to improve their looks.  These included changes to items like the headlamps, grille and tail lamps.