Chrysler Aspen Engine

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The Chrysler Aspen is a full size SUV and is a remake of the Dodge Aspen that was in production in the 1970’s.  This SUV was launched as a 2007 model and was a rebranded and upgraded Dodge Durango.  Sometime a used Aspen engine was also fitted into the Durango. It was also tied to the Durango by the fact that both of them were the first hybrid vehicles from Chrysler.  To make it even more complicated, the Dodge Aspen that the Chrysler Aspen borrows so much from was a twin to the Plymouth Volare.



This model was unveiled in 2006 and came with three rows of seats that could seat 8 passengers. The SUV was also available in an all wheel drive option.  This SUV offered only one drivetrain option and only one generation lasted from 2007 to 2009. Several equipment packages were made that buyers could use to customize their cars.

Although it was built for only one generation, the Aspen had three different engines made for it. The first was a 4.7 liter or 286.9 cubic inch flex fuel v8 engine. This motor could run on E85, which is a type of ethanol used to power cars where legal standards are enforced for strict emissions. The second engine was a gasoline powered 4.7 liter motor with eight valves. This engine was made specifically for countries where 4.7 liter motor could not meet the emissions levels required. The third was a 5.7 liter or 345 cubic inch motor. This motor was adopted from the Chrysler Hemi and was a v8 engine. All of these used Aspen engines for sale can be found online at ASAP Motors and will save you money versus rebuilding your engine.

The Chrysler Aspen had a hybrid version introduced in 2009. This, together with the Durango, its twin, was the first SUV’s from Chrysler to get the hybrid engine. This hybrid engine design was a 5.4 liter Hemi engine which had MDS. It also had a twin-hybrid system that was produced in collaboration with General Motors and BMW. The was an attempt to compete with the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid, Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator and the Mercedesa GL450. The Hybrid was stopped in 2009. The reasons for the death of the hybrid version of this model are unknown assumed to be design related.