Daihatsu Charade Engine

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Unveiled in 1977, the first generation Daihatsu Charade, the G10, was a front wheel drive vehicle  with a 993 cc 3-cylinder engine (CB20) and 50 PS (37 kW). A series 2, G10, was launched in 1981, while A Latin American version of the Charades, the G20, was outfitted with Daihatsu’s three-cylinder engine’s 843 cc version (CD).



The G11 second generation Charade was unveiled in 1983 with the option of choosing a 3-cylinder 1.0 Liter engine or the 68 PS JIS turbocharged. The basic Charades model was delivered with a 3 cylinder, 993 cc CB23 motor.

Two other models, the Charade DeTomaso and Turbo were upgraded with CB23 engines known as the CB60. In short, this was also a 993cc engine that was coupled with a small IHI turbocharger. A Chilean Charade version, G21, with a CD-series and 41 PS (30 kW) 843 cc three-cylinder engine was marketed from 1986-1990.

A G11 model was manufactured with Series 1 and Series 2 versions. The 926R, a mid engine prototype of the Charade was also produced with a mid-mounted 926cc 12-valave, turbocharged, 3-cylinder engine with 120 PS (88 kW) and 5-speed manual transmission.

The third generation segment, G100, came out in 1987. It was initially supplied with a carbureted 1.0 liter 3-cylinder engine, the CB23. There was an option of turbodiesel or diesel with a 1.3 liter 4-cylinder engine with a carburetor. Within the G100S-FMVZ models, there were two sport models: the GTti along with the GTxx.

In 1993, the fourth generation Daihatsu Charade, G200, G300, was introduced. This time it had an available upgraded motor, the SOHC 1.3 liter 4 cylinder. Fitted with a 1.5 Litre engine and an optional 4WD, the sedan was launched in 1994.  The Australian version, the G202, was outfitted with CB24 1.0L engine. With a revamping of the Charade G200 in 1996, the G203 emerged.

Rivals to the Charade include Holden SB Barina Hatchback, Ford WB-Festiva 3D Hatchback, Nissan K11 Micra 3D Hatchback, Honda Civic 3D Hatchback. Used Charade engines for sale are available at dealers that can be found using the ASAP Motors free service.