Diahatsu Rocky Engine

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The Daihatsu Rocky engine was made back in the 1990’s and had a very short lived production run. The Rocky was built to compete with the Suzuki Samurai and Sidekick, Toyota 4Runner and the Mitsubishi Montero to name a few. When Daihatsu entered the car market in the USA the competition was stiffer than what they expected and the quality American drivers demanded was more than they were ready to deliver. The Rocky 1.6 liter engine ran well but long term did not hold up well for a lot of everyday drivers. The entire Daihatsu car line did not do well and was eventually shut down by the manufacture.

Building the 1.6 liter Rocky engine was a new designed engine for a new vehicle. It was an overhead cam engine built on an all aluminum design. Being manufactured to save money it soon became the weak point for the Rocky and buyers were not happy with their SUV. Other issues came up like a failed transmission, defective window regulators and bad wiring all made for a perfect storm Daihatsu could not overcome.

There are few Rocky SUV’s left in the salvage yards anymore. Production stopped back in 1992 and the vehicle was not produced that widely to start with so if you find a part you need, buy it fast. Parts like the cylinder head, crankshaft and pistons are almost impossible to find and most aftermarket companies do not carry them anymore. This makes owning a Rocky not much fun for the average owner.