Dodge 150 Engine

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There were two Dodge 150 engine sizes offered during the single year of production for this truck, also known as the Dodge D150 pickup truck. All of the D-Series trucks, the D50, D150, D250 and D350, were only produced in 1993.

1993 Dodge 150 Engine Sizes: The 5.2L MFI


The smaller of the two Dodge 150 engine sizes was the 5.2L V8 MFI engine. It produced 230hp and 280lb-ft of torque at 3,200 rpm. This was a multi-port, fuel injection (MFI) engine. A throttle body was used for the fuel injection, and it was included a single-point, twin injector made by Holley for the Chrysler Corporation. The assembly was mounted on a newly-designed aluminum intake manifold.

The fuel injection system was enhanced by the use of a valvetrain featuring hydraulic roller lifters. This engine was among the first-generation Chrysler Magnum engines that debuted in 1993. EPA fuel economy was rated at 13 city and 17 highway. This Magnum 5.2L V8 engine ran on unleaded regular gas with a minimum of 87 octane.

1993 Dodge 150 Engine Sizes: The 5.9L MPI

The second of the Dodge D150 engine sizes was a 5.9L MPI V8, also part of the Magnum engine series. The engine featured a V-shaped block angled at 90 degrees and multiport fuel injection. The block and heads were made of cast iron, and the crankshaft was produced form cast nodular iron. This 360 cubic inch engine featured cast aluminum pistons and forged steel connecting rods.

The fuel pump for the Magnum engines was installed in the gas tank rather than on the engine itself. The fuel delivery system employed two steel rails that fed gas to the eight Bosch-built fuel injectors – one of each cylinder intake runner.

This fuel delivery system was essentially the same one used on the other Dodge D150 engine size, the 5.2L MFI V8. The bore of each cylinder was 101.6mm (4.0”), and the stroke was 90.0mm (3.58”). The compression ratio was 8.9:1. The result of this redesign was an engine that produced 230hp and 325lb-ft of torque.

The estimated fuel economy for the Dodge D350 pickup truck with this 5.9L Magnum engine was 12 city and 16 highway.

The popular Cummins 5.9L diesel turbocharged engine that was used in the Dodge D350 and many Dodge Ram trucks such as the Ram 2500 was not one of the Dodge 150 engine sizes available.