Dodge 300 Engine

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The touring model of the Dodge 300 is equipped with a 3.5 liter, 214.7 cubic inch, 250 horsepower V6 engine. In Canada, it is the standard engine size in both the touring and base models.


The limited model of the Dodge 300 is powered by the same engine as can be found in the touring model discussed above – a 3.5 liter, 214.7 cubic inch, 250 horsepower V6.


The Dodge 300C is a limited-release premium version of the Dodge 300. As such, it is equipped with many features not found in the other variations of the vehicle, and the engine itself is no exception. The Dodge 300C’s engine is a comparative giant, weighing in at a beefy 5.7 liter, 345 cubic inch HEMI V8. Not surprisingly, such an engine trades power for gas mileage, which is why the 300C is unique among its brethren in its use of the Multi-Displacement System, an electronic system which, among other things, allows for the use of less than the engine’s full capabilities. This saves on fuel consumption, but when a full-throttle experience is either needed or simply wanted for fun, the HEMI V8 can achieve an impressive 340 horsepower.


The Heritage Edition Dodge 300 is identical in engine size to the 300C, though it does come with some other interior and exterior alterations in other aspects of the vehicle not pertinent to this review.


The Dodge 300 SRT 8 is the Dodge 300’s answer to a sport model. Designed along these lines, the SRT 8 has an engine of 370 cubic inches, or 6.1 liters. As is the case with its higher-end cousins, the SRT 8 boasts a V8 for heightened performance.