Dodge Durango Engine

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The latest generation of the Dodge Durango was released in 2011. As the vehicle is an SUV, it has a larger engine than many other kinds of cars. Its engine size is 3.6L. It also has a DOHC feature. This feature allows for engine performance to adjust with varying speeds and loads. This benefits the overall drivability and torque of the car. The DOHC is a durable overhead cam, and it allows for variable valve timing, an important feature in overall drivability.

This V6 engine has more pistons pumping than the more common four-cylinder engine. Because of this, there is greater power available to the vehicle at any specific time. The V6 engine is contrasted with the lighter and smaller inline, or straight, engine, in that its typical shape is in that of a V, which makes them more compact. The newer V6 engines have been designed to be lighter and to fit into somewhat smaller cars. These kinds of engines are also quieter and offer more power than most standard four-cylinders. V6 engines have been improved over the years to increase their fuel efficiency and reduce their exhaust emissions.

The compression ratios for many older Dodge Durango SUVs is lower than 10. The engine compression ratio of the 2011 release is above average. This means that a smaller amount of fuel is needed to achieve similar combustion temperatures to those engines with lower ratios. The result of this advantage is greater fuel efficiency. However, it is important for drivers of these higher compression ratio vehicles to buy higher-octane fuel, otherwise the engine can be susceptible to detonation, or the knocking action that can be detrimental to the overall engine’ s performance.

The bore diameter of the 2011 Dodge Durango engine is 96mm, with the stroke ratio being 83mm. This higher bore diameter when combined with the lower stroke ratio means that the engine is considered to be oversquare. These kinds of engines are very common in SUVs. Oversquare engines allow for greater power without straining the piston activity with excessive speed. There is less loss of power due to friction created between the engine components. The valves that are found in this vehicle are also larger and more plentiful. Overall, engines with this oversquare design perform better and have better torque at higher rates of speed.