Honda Crosstour Engine

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Jumping into the full-size crossover SUV market, the new Accord Crosstour has really made a splash. The size of the Crosstour is less than the Pilot, it is longer but only has 2 rows of seating. Even though it is longer than the Pilot the interior space is actually less. The only engine offered for 2009 and 2010 is the 3.5 liter V6. In 2010 the Crossover came with a front wheel drive or an all-wheel drive package. The mounts needed to add all wheel drive to the Crossover caused 2 different 3.5 liter engines to be made and used by Honda.



The Crosstour is a hatchback type vehicle based on the Accord sedan. With that said however, the body design is completely different. The platform used for the Crosstour is the same as the Accord including the suspension up front.

In 2011 Honda changed the name of the Accord Crosstour to Honda Crosstour. No definite reason has been issued but most people believe it is an attempt to separate the Accord and Crossover into different categories without using reference to the Accord. The Crossover is a competitor of the Toyota Venza and the Acura ZDX.  The 2012 Crosstour now has an available 4 cylinder engine to hold costs down. It appears the Crosstour helped to inspire the BMW X6 Crossover SUV. This cannot be confirmed but the timing to the market does give the X6 that appearance.

Now for 2013, the Crosstour will be redesigned again. The vehicle will have a bolder overall appearance but the front grill will be toned down some. We are told that the new 2013 Crossover is based on the concept vehicle that was at the 2012 New York International Auto Show. However, the interior of the 2012 concept vehicle was not shown.