Honda CR-V Engine

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The CR-V was built in 1997 and the engine used was 2.0 which had the same outer dimensions as the Acura Integra 1.8 motor.  Acura has used Honda engines from the start. They bored the CRV motor from 1.8 to 2.0 to increase the torque needed for a larger vehicle. The cylinder head will interchange but the chamber of the B18 Integra motor is smaller. The CR-V is first crossover vehicle they have ever built and had the first all-wheel drive or Real Time 4WD system which is a trademarked name. The CR-V had 2 transmission options, an available 4 speed automatic transmission or a 5 speed manual transmission.



In 1999 the CR-V got an updated engine, the B20Z which produced 147HP and also offered more torque. The fuel economy was affected but people wanted more get up and go for the larger crossover type vehicle.

Finally in 2002 the CR-V got a power plant makeover, the K24A1 engine using the advanced i-Vtec system. It produced 160 HP and even more torque coming in at 160 lb-ft. Even with this large improvement of power and torque, the fuel economy and the numbers stayed the same which is an impressive achivement

Now the CR-V really was neck in neck with the Toyota Rav-4. Both vehicles had about the same drivetrain performance and fuel economy. The 2005 and newer CR-V crossovers got some major ad on’s to the list of current equipment. Most notable was the upgraded transmission. Honda engineered a 5 speed automatic which added to fuel economy and overall performance but still stayed with a 2.4 liter version Honda used in other vehicles like the Accord.

The 3rd generation CR-V received an upgraded motor, the K24 again was used but horsepower was increased to 166 and torque also came up in the numbers. Finally, they dropped the manual gearbox all together for the newest crossover. This vehicle ended up out selling other popular models like the Ford Escape and the Chevy Tahoe. If you are looking for Honda used engines, try our free seach request. We have suppliers nationwide that carry many different types of used motors and can ship to your door!