Honda CRX Engine

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The CR-X was first introduced in the American market in 1984. The purpose for this vehicle was to offer an economical fastback car as 2 passenger vehicle and attract a different customer base. In 1984 the first engine offered was the 1.6 58 hp engine but soon a 1.5 EW series engine became available. The 1.5 had 76 hp which made a nice difference in performance. It was rated at 41 miles per gallon which is what hybrids offer today. In 1986 the CR-X also had an optional 1.6 liter fuel injected engine. This car was more economical than the Prelude to own and operate which made it very attractive to the new market.



The second generation CR-X was redone in 1988. It was a total makeover including independent wishbone suspension for the front and rear. Also, the CRX had 3 different motors that could be chosen from. The economy version D15 HF (High Fuel Efficiency) 1.5 liter type, the D15B DX 1.5 liter and the D16A6 1.6 liter was also an option. Only the JDM CRX was offered a VTEC engine for this generation car. The DX models had an automatic or manual transmission available. For the first time the upper half of the rear of the CRX had a glass panel added. This was not only for looks but to assist the driver’s visibility.

The third and final generation of the CRX was changed again. This time it was a Targa top Civic based model and they named it the del Sol. This cars badging got confusing because some markets called it the CR-X del Sol and others just del Sol and some just CR-X. This was a totally different car than the CR-X in every way including body and drivetrain. This car was offered at 3 different levels of trim and engine performance. The D15B 1.5 liter, the D16A 1.6 liter and the new D16 VTEC DOHC was introduced in 1994. This was a very powerful engine at 160 hp and ran very well being a dual overhead cam design. This engine is still sought after today in the aftermarket racing world. It was a great design and very versatile. This car is seen as the predecessor for the Honda CR-Z hybrid.