Honda del Sol Engine

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When the del Sol rolled off the assembly line, it was officially called the Civic CRX del Sol because of design history and platform. The del Sol name (of the sun) came about because of the Targa top design and roll down back glass. The top once removed could be stored in the truck and when the rear window was down the car had a convertible feel to it. However, once the top was in the truck, most of the space was used up and left very little room for other items. In Europe and Japan the del Sol had a TransTop option which was not offered here in the USA. The TransTop was an electric operated Targa top that stowed the top in the truck at the push of a button. The trunk would open and raise by the use of hydraulic pistons, then arms would come out and lock to the top then pull it back into the truck and then would close with the targa inside.



The CRX del Sol had a few different engine options available for 1992-1997 but only 2 different transmissions. The base type engine offered was the D15B7 which was a fuel efficient version of the D15 series motor. The next step up was the D16Y7 1.6 liter 106 hp motor, this was known to be the economy version of a 1.6 engine but offered more power than the 1.5 liter D15 series. The 1992-1995 were offered the D16Z6 VTEC engine which was a single overhead cam design and produced 125 hp and was the largest engine available for the del Sol in those years. Then finally the D16A2 and D16A3 were offered and were quite an improvement. These engines were dual overhead cam VTEC design and produced 160 hp each. The difference between the D16A2 and the D16A3 was the ignition system. The A2 used an OBD1 and the A3 used the upgraded OBD2.