Honda Element Engine

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The Element was the brainstorm project of a group of designers inside the company. They wanted a more versatile vehicle that could carry large loads, go off-road for camping and for focus groups in the outdoors. From 2003-2011 the engine powering the Element is a 2.4 i-VTEC which is the same motor used in the Accord. In 2007 and newer the 2.4 engine was a K24A8 were as the earlier version used the 2.4 liter K24A4. The Element has offered 3 different type transmissions, it has the 5 speed manual shift transmission, the 4 speed automatic transmission and also the 5 speed automatic.



The Element was a 4 seat design and it was optimized to carry larger loads. The rear doors opened backwards like the older suicide doors but the difference was they could not be opened unless the front doors were opened first. Also, the center pillar was removed so large items could easily be put inside the Element with its raised roof. Because the pillars were removed, Honda reinforced the chassis joints, added strength to the lower sides, enlarged the rocker panels and had 5 bulkheads per side.

The rear clamshell tailgate was also much taller than normal and allowed a larger opening for bigger cargo. The rear seats can be folded down or even removed if desired. The seat material was a sturdy stain resistant and very strong. The flooring was a textured urethane than is extremely durable and you can wipe it or wash it for cleaning instead of having to deal with carpet.

Sales for the Element did better than estimated for a while but soon began to drop off. In 2007 it was voted the most dog friendly car on the road and features were added to go with that title. Honda even offered a pet bed for the rear cargo area with a safety restraint system.