Honda Prelude Engine

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The Prelude started out in 1978 with an engine used in the Accord 75 hp EK version. It was different from the Civic and Accord because it was designed with a 1 piece sub-frame chassis with 2 pillar structure to make the car more rigid. It seems like the manufacturer was watching other automakers like Ford who started out with the Pony Car Ford Mustang and gave it a more powerful engine. Also, Toyota did the same with the Toyota Celica.



From 1983 thru 1987 the body style of the Prelude was fairly consistent. Honda did however get more creative with the different engine options as the Prelude started gaining ground as more of a sport car which was completely different from the Accord or Civic. 1983 offered a 1.8 ET-2 which was only used in that car for that year. It was a dual carbureted engine. When people wanted more power, Honda stepped up an A20A like engine used in the Accord and even offered an SI model that was fuel injected.

The 3rd generation Prelude has 3 different engines available. First was the single carbureted 2.0 engine, the D20A5 dual overhead cam engine and the top of the line B21A which was also a dual overhead cam design but had about 15 more horsepower than the B20A5 2.0. The B21A series was actually a 2.05 liter engine.

Starting in 1994 made thru 1996 the Prelude started using multiple engines including the Honda Accord F22A SOHC motor. Other options were the H22A DOHC V-Tec 2.2 liter motor, the H23A 2.3 liter motor and the F22B DOHC engine. Lots of configurations were ready to go that production line.

The final generation of Prelude started in 1997 and ran until 2001. Only 2 versions were available for the car at that time. The base model and the Type SH. The Type SH and the base were both a 2.2 liter engine but they 2 are completely different.   The SH was a big upgrade in price but not a big increase in performance.