Honda S2000 Engine

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The S2000 used a very high performance 2.0 engine with very high RPM capabilities. This was a roadster made to celebrate the 50th anniversary for the Japanese automaker. The S2000 was made for 10 years and went through so minor design changes and a beefed up drivetrain.The only vehicle close to it was the Mazda Miata but really was not a performance based vehicle.

The generation AKA AP1 was introduced back in 1999. It was a front mid-engine design F20C 2.0 DOHC Vtec engine that produced 240 hp and was matched up with a 6 speed manual transmission. The front mid-engine design gave it a 50-50 weight distribution which made a big difference in how the car handled.  The AP1 stayed almost unchanged until 2001. Then it got a new clock, different back glass and an upgraded engine computer.



In 2004 The Honda S2000 became AP2 and received several upgrades even though the body style looked very similar to the older AP1. The newer S2000 got 17” wheels, better tires and a retuned suspension to start. This made the S2000 handle even better. The transmission was updated from brass synchronizers to carbon fiber. The F22C1 2.2 motor was bigger better and faster. Honda increased the stroke but decreased line from 8800 RPM to 8000 RPM. Still very high by today’s standards. The transmission gear ratios were changed making the car quicker in the 1st four gears. The Ap1 had a horrible time with the convertible top leaking but was improved over time. The car was never offered in a hard top or removable top version.

In 2008 Honda still offered the S2000 but for the first time in more than 1 trim level. The JDM spec car was available with a hard top. The CR version did offer a removable top, stiffer suspension and a lower rack and pinion for the steering which helped for owners who took the cars to the track.