Hummer H2 Engine

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GM’s Hummer H2 was built as an SUV and a truck or HUT as GM called it. The H2 was introduced as an alternative to the more expensive and military built Hummer H1. The first year of production for the H2 was in 2003. The engine GM put in the H2 was the 6.0 liter V8 they used in the Silverado 2500 , Sierra 2500 as well as the 1 ton series trucks. This engine was also available in the Escalade and Denali. The 6.0 liter engine was considered a successful engine because it offered sound performance and was very dependable. This engine produced more than 300 horsepower which was really good for that time period. People enjoyed the extra performance and torque it offered.




When GM redesigned the H2 it got awesome drivetrain upgrades including the new 6.2 liter 393 horsepower engine. It was buckled to a new 6 speed AT all wheel drive transmission that was the largest unit GM offered in its class. The 6.2 liter engine turned out to be super reliable and people just loved the way it performed. Auto enthusiast would go to salvage yards and buy a pull out assembly which included the loaded out engine with harness and computer. They installed into all types of older GM vehicle to get an affordable and powerful engine.


The grand total of the 2 different engines used in the Hummer H2 are…


6.0L 325 hp (242 kW) V8 (2003–07)
6.2L 393 hp (293 kW) V8 (2008–09)