Hyundai Scoupe Engine

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In the years of production from 1990 through 1995, there were two Hyundai Scoupe engines with the second engine also coming in a turbocharged version. The Scoupe got its odd name from a combination of “sporty” and “coupe.” Here’s an overview of the Hyundai Scoupe engine sizes and other details of interest.


First Generation Hyundai Scoupe Engine Size

From 1990 through 1992, only one engine was available in the Hyundai Scoupe. The 1.5L inline four-cylinder engine made 81hp, sending power to the front wheels through the consumer’s choice of two different transmissions. A five-speed manual transmission with overdrive and a four-speed automatic transmission were offered.

This I4 engine (inline four-cylinder) was built by Mitsubishi. It was no longer available in the Scoupe after 1992, but Hyundai did use it in other vehicles.

Second Generation Hyundai Scoupe Engine Sizes

In 1993, Hyundai built its own engine and released it in standard and turbocharged versions. The Base and LS models of the car featured the standard version of this new power plant, a 1.5L, 12-valve engine dubbed the “Alpha” by Hyundai. The naturally-aspirated version of the Alpha produced 92hp at 5,500 rpm with 97lb-ft of torque. Engine enthusiasts might be interested to know that the engine featured a 75.5mm (2.97”) bore with an 83.5mm (3.29”) stroke.

A turbocharged version of the Alpha was also available. It produced 115hp at 5,500 rpm with 123lb-ft of torque. It boasted a 7.5:1 compression ratio. The 115hp represents an impressive 42% boost in power over the Mitsubishi I4 engine the Alpha replaced.
The turbo version of the Hyundai Scoupe came standard with the five-speed manual transmission only. Those who bought the Base or LS model had their choice of the manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Performance Notes on the Hyundai Scoupe

Hyundai claims that the Scoupe was the first vehicle to be outfitted with the Garrett T15 turbocharger. Models with the turbocharged engine were known as GT models for Garrett Turbocharged.

Of the two Hyundai Scoupe engine sizes, the original Mitsubishi 4-cylinder and the Hyundai 4-cylinder Alpha, the Alpha got better gas mileage. The Base Alpha was rated at 28 miles per U.S. gallon city and 36 miles per U.S. gallon highway when equipped with the manual transmission. Numbers for the automatic transmission were 25 city and 34 highway. In 1996, the Scoupe was replaced by the Hyundai Tiburon.