Hyundai Stellar Engine

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There were three Hyundai Stellar engine sizes used in this vehicle, all made by Mitsubishi. It should be noted that the Hyundai Stellar was never sold in the United States because it could not pass strict emission standards. However, it was sold throughout Canada in addition to the domestic South Korean market.
The Stellar was in production for ten years, from 1983 through 1992.

Hyundai Stellar Engine Sizes through the Years

The car was introduced into the Canadian market in 1983 with two Hyundai Stellar engine sizes. The base model was the 1.4L Mitsubishi 4G33 I4. It was a four-cylinder engine. The 1.4-liter displacement was equivalent to 1,439cc. This power plant was used in the Hyundai Pony and the Plymouth Arrow in addition to the Stellar.

The second of the Hyundai Stellar engine sizes was the Mitsubishi 4G32, an inline four-cylinder motor. One of the most widely-used Mitsubishi engines, this 1.6L power plant powered a long list of vehicles. Mitsubishi used it in its Galant, L300, Lancer, Tredia and Mirage models among others. It was also employed in the Dodge Colt, Eagle Vista Turbo, Hyundai Pony, Mazda Familia and Plymouth Arrow.

In 1987, the largest of the Hyundai Stellar engine sizes was introduced. The Mitsubishi 4G63 I4 was another inline four-cylinder, but this one displaced 2.0 liters and offered more horsepower. This 1997cc DOHC engine was built by Mitsubishi in a naturally-aspirated version as well as an intercooled, turbocharge version. However, the turbo engine was never used in the Stellar.

The 1987 Stellar, sometimes called the Stellar 2.0 due to the enhanced engine size, came with a variety of other upgrades. These included a two-way catalytic converter, feedback carburetor on the 4G63 engine, a new instrument cluster, restyled lights, two-piece driveshaft and suspension featuring a MacPherson strut package.

Throughout its run in Canada, the Hyundai Stellar was offered with a choice of two transmissions. The first was the KM119 five-speed manual transmission. The second transmission option was the O3-55L three-speed automatic made by Borg-Warner. A third transmission, the Borg-Warner 03-71, was added to the option list in 1987 along with the 2.0L engine.

When the Hyundai Stellar was discontinued, it was replaced in Canada by the Hyundai Sonata and in South Korea by the Hyundai Elantra.