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Japanese Racing Engines

Used Imported Japanese Racing Engines and Motors

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These type engines are high performance racing engines & sold AS IS for conversion & racing only. In order to install, modifications always must be done. The type modifications are always different from car to car.

Are you looking for imported Japanese engines? ASAP Motors is the best online location to find used Japanese engines because we are 'Home to the Original Japan Spec Engine!' If you are looking for used Japanese engines made by Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, or others, you have come to the right place because ASAP Motors is the place to look for Japanese motors. All of ASAP Motors' used Japanese engines have been tested to ensure that you get the best possible used import engines at very competitive prices.

ASAP Motors uses testing that involves a precision inspection and compression test of our used import engines. ASAP Motors' engine technicians have been trained with the knowledge and skill from years of working with used Japanese engines to provide you with powerful and reliable Japanese engines. We pride ourselves here at ASAP Motors on selling our customers used Japanese engines. The Japanese engines purchased from ASAP Motors are not merely replacements of your old engines, but they can improve power and reliability of your car or truck. ASAP Motors combines top-notch service with a large selection of Japanese engines for our customers to choose from.

ASAP Motors has a understanding of the Shaken inspection process that many Japanese motors go through, which means that we sell our customers good Japanese engines at competitive prices. We would also like to set the record straight on a "Low Mileage motor," which refers to imported Japanese engines. Regardless of what you may have been told in the past, there is no set maximum mileage on used Japanese engines. Used Japanese engines are sent to us once their owners decide to purchase new vehicles because of the stringent Shaken inspections in Japan. The idea that all Japanese engines have to be retired after 40,000 miles is only a myth. If you cannot find the used Japanese engines that you are looking for in our online listings, or you are unsure of what Japanese engines are right for you feel free to give us a call and we will show which used Japanese engines are indeed the right engines. You can also use our convenient 'Ask the Motor Dog!' e-mail service to receive a quick and easy e-mail price quote on Japanese Engines. ASAP Motors is usually able to ship out Japanese engines on the same day.