Jeep Cherokee Engine

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Once the request is submitted a list of suppliers will receive an email of your used engine request. It will be reviewed by each supplier, then they will contact you by email, phone or both. The used transmission suppliers will offer you different prices, warranties, shipping and return policies. Take your time with each supplier and check out each auto parts broker with the Better Business Bureau,Yahoo or Google.

The Jeep Cherokee transfer case is manufactured by Borg Warner and sold to Jeep for use during assembly at the plant. Some automobile manufacturers outsource parts for their vehicles for several reasons. Outsourcing will cut development costs, inventory costs and supply time from order to receiving on the dock.

The Jeep transfer case is known to be a very durable drivetrain component. Jeep is known for being off-road ready so the Borg Warner transfer cases are used in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Liberty and the Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep Cherokee used transmission is manufactured by Aisin Warner. The rear axle assembly in the Jeep Cherokee is built by Chrysler or Spicer. As you can see many different auto parts suppliers are involved in the just the drivetrain portion of the Cherokee. This does not include other components like electrical system, fuel system and body parts.

Whenever you purchase used auto parts online, never send check, cash or wire transfer. Always pay with a credit card to protect yourself, you might be glad you did if there is a problem.