Jeep Liberty Engine

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Jeep Liberty was the smallest SUV 4-door model Jeep produced. It came to market in 2002 and the 1st model ran through 2007. The cheapest engine offered in the Liberty was the 2.4 liter straight 4 engines. It only produced 150 horsepower and was a terrible choice for Jeep to make. It was under powered and not built well at all. It only lasted until 2006 then it was quietly discontinued. The alternative to the 4-cylinder motor was the 3.7 liter V6 engine which produced a modest 210 hp which was still an improvement over the economy 2.5 liter.  The Liberty had 3 different trim levels available for purchase, these did include interior and exterior trim. The Limited was the top level package, then the Renegade which was more of an off-road look and the base model Sport.

The next produced Jeep Liberty only ran for four years, from 2008-2012 then was pulled from the market. This version of the Liberty looked like a redone Dodge Nitro to most people. The only engine offered was the iron block 3.7 V6 engine, so sad really. The was a poor attempt at market share for Jeep and it ultimately failed. It is interesting to note the Liberty was the first Jeep vehicle made that used rack and pinion steering instead of the conventional power steering gear box. Historically the gear box design is 10 times stronger, dependable and almost maintenance free. Towing capacity was a modest 5000 pounds which was not too bad considering the cost and engine it was equipped with. For a brief time, the Liberty offered a diesel engine but could not meet emission standards so it was dropped.

The Liberty transmissions came in 2 different options, the six-speed manual shift or a 4-speed automatic type. Most people did not order the manual shift transmission so it is a tough to find, the automatic type transmission was very popular and also very dependable.