Jeep Wrangler Engine

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Look here for a great deal on used Jeep Wrangler engines? ASAP Motors has a great selection of suppliers that will help you get what you need and have it shipped directly to the shop for you. The Jeep Wrangler has used several different engines throughout the years. Some of the most engines used were the 6 cylinder model. The 4.0 liter in-line engine ran like a champ and was very durable, fuel economy was good and upkeep was usually nothing more than routine maintenance. The most troublesome engine Jeep used was the 3.7 liter V6 motor, this engine would blow head gaskets and develope rod knocks on a consistent basis. The earlier model Wranglers used a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder engine that reduced the weight of the Jeep and made it great for off-road use. For years people have used the Wrangler for rock crawling and playing in the mud.



When you submit a request on the ASAP Motors website, your request is sent to a list of used auto parts brokers that will go out and search for what you need offering different prices, warranties and shipping costs. To get started all you need to do is fill out the form at the top of the page and the asaP website will do the work for you. Once suppliers start to contact you, take your time and consider each offer carefully. It is recommended you do a background check on Google, Yahoo or even the Better Business Bureau. This helps to protect you the buyer from potential issues down the road. Never send check, cash or wire transfer. This gives up your protection as a buyer in the internet and exposes your finances.

Getting your Jeep Wrangler a used engine or used transmission has never been easier, so what are you waiting for? Just try us today!