Kia Borrego Engine

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The South Korean vehicle manufacturer KIA Motors introduced the luxury sports utility vehicle KIA Borrego in Korean and North American markets in 2008. However, it went off the markets in 2010 and never returned. Its successor was KIA Sorrento. Borrego was available in Canada throughout 2010.



KIA Borrego used the body on frame construction and it had adjustable air suspension as well as automatic transmission with high and low control. It also had hill descent control. It had three rows of seats in the model exported to the US.

This vehicle was offered with three engine options. There were two gasoline engines and a diesel engine for customers to choose. One of the gasoline engines was 3.8 liter Lambda II V6 and the other was the 4.6 liter V8. The diesel version was a 3.0 liter V6 engine. Used Borrego motors are available in case you need to buy one of them. The best way to locate a good used Borrego engine for sale is to make an internet search.

Borrego was a SUV that had its engine mounted in front and it was a rear wheel drive vehicle with 4 wheel drive being available. It is a workhorse that was able to tow 5000 pounds when fitted with the V6 gasoline engine. The Borrego that has the V8 engine is able to tow a load of 7500 pounds.

The KIA Borrego also displayed its fuel cell vehicle in 2008 Los Angelis Auto Show. However, the project is still going on and they hope to have a fleet on the roads at the end of 2012. The fuel cell developed by them is using a super capacitor in place of the lithium ion battery. As a result, it has enhanced its range up to 425 miles.

However, until the fuel cell electrical vehicle arrives in the market, you will to run your Borrego with the gasoline engine. A used Borrego engine is tough to find because of limited production.