Kia Forte Engine

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In mid 2008 Kia Motors built the Kia Forte to replace the older Cerato. It is a compact car that is available as a four-door sedan, three-door coupe or as a five-door hatch back. Ford Focus , Mitsubishi Lancer and The Honda Civic are its main competitors. It is a car that is sold in many different markets with a number of different names. In Australia and Brazil this car is marketed as Cerato. In Singapore it is called Kia Cerato Forte. In Malaysia the vehicle is assembled by Naza and is called Naza Forte.



The coupe car Kia Forte is fitted with a 2.0 liter engine which is a four cylinder design. It was able to generate 154 horse powers and was available with five or six speed manual transmission or four, five, and six speed automatic transmission. In case you want to buy a used Forte engine, they are available in online stores. Buying one is the best way to replace your engine with minimum cost.

In 2009, Kiaunveiled a hybrid in the Seoul Motor Show. It was a car that runs on liquid petroleum gas and a lithium ion battery pack. It is powered by both gas and the electric power from the battery. The car was intended for the Korean market. This car has got its technology from the Hyundai Elantra LPG hybrid.

For China, Kia has offered Forte in a different name. It is called Forte Furuidi. In Chinese Furuidi means luck. The car for Malaysia is fitted with either a 1.6 liter motor or a 2.0 liter engine. It also has automatic transmission with six speeds.

In the US, Forte is sold with many different trim levels. SX is the top model that offers 2.4 liter engine that is coupled to a six speed manual transmission or five speed automatic transmission as an option. In case you want to search for a used Forte engine for sale, try the website at ASAP Motors. the SX is also equipped with alloy wheels as well as Leather wrapped gear shift lever and steering wheel.