Millenia Engine Engine

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The 2.3L V6 Miller Cycle engine was only available in the Mazda Millenia during the Millenia’s time. The Miller Cycle engine was a four-stroke internal combustion engine which actually contained a “fifth stroke”. A typical four-stroke has two high-powered strokes called the compression stroke and the power stroke. In a typical four-stroke intake valve closes during the compression stroke which can lead to a loss of power, whereas in a Miller Cycle engine, the intake valve stays open during the first 20% of the initial portion of the compression stroke and closes during final portion, as the compression stroke has two portions. This is what creates the so-called “fifth stroke”. This results in better efficiency for the engine through the use of a built-in supercharger which compensates for the reduced pressure in the compression stroke.


It is this design that has won the engine the title of being Ward’s ten best engines for 1998. This design allows for a 2.3L V6 to push out 210 horsepower and 210 lbs per ft of torque while still allowing for an average of 28 MPG on the highway. Essentially this 2.3L engine performed and was built like a 3L engine. The engine is now used, after some time of disappearance, in the new Subaru concept Hybrid car known as the Subaru B5-TPH, but this is now combined with a hybrid driveline and is a Miller Cycle flat-4. But prior to the Millenia containing this engine, it was previously used in power-generating plants and on some rail locomotives. Essentially, this engine is well worth the money and time invested to find, as you will not find a more reliable, efficient, and powerful engine in a used state for your Millenia.