Mitsubishi Montero Engine

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Mitsubishi Motors launched its Montero which was called Pajero in 1982. It was a short wheel base SUV with metal or canvas top. A variety of options for used Montero engines were offered. The basic motor was a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder. There was also a turbo charged version of the same engine. There was a 2.6 liter option for gasoline engines. The 2.3 liter and 2.5 liter diesel engines were also there. All these were 4 cylinder online engines. Finally, there was the 3.0 liter V6 engine option.



Due to the short wheel base, the first Montero never got the expected popularity. Therefore, the company designed a long wheel based one in 1983. It offered two engine options. One was the 2 liter gasoline engine and the other was the 2.3 liter turbo charged engine. In 1988 the SUV was fitted with a better 3.0 liter SOHC turbo charged engine.

The second generation Mitsubishi Montero was available in 1991 and the production went on till 1999. Two new engines were introduced for this model. One was the 2.8 liter turbo charged diesel engine with an intercooler. The other was the 24 valve 3.5 liter DOHC with ECI Multi engine.  This 24 valve 3.5 liter DOHC with ECI Multi engine motor was able to provide ample power.

Third generation Montero was available in Japan in 1999 and elsewhere in 2000. It was fitted with a new SOHC 3.8 liter 24-valve V6 engine. By this time Land Rover Discovery and Toyota Land Cruiser were its main competitors. This vehicle was available with a variety of engine options. However, for developing markets it was the 2.8 liter diesel engine that was retained.

The fourth generation of Montero was introduced in the Paris Motor Show in September 2006. The engine was made using monorail technology. It was a 3.2 liter diesel engine called the 4M41 3.2 Di-D. In case you need to replace your engine you have the option to used Montero engines for sale when you go online. There was a 3.8 liter V6 engine also with this upgrade. For 2012 the Mitsubishi Montero was given very little restyling.