Mitsubishi Outlander Engine

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Mitsubishi Motors of Japan manufactured Mitsubishi Airtrek in 2001 and its name was changed to Mitsubishi Outlander later. It is a crossover that offers off road like construction with 4 wheel drive and yet provides the size and emissions of a car. It was available with a variety of engine options. The motors available were the 4G63 2.0liter DOHC l 4, 4G63 2.0 liter DOHC GDI 4 cylinder, 4G63T 2.0 liter DOHC Turbo engine and 4G63 2.0 liter motor (Outlander).  These used Outlander engines for sale can be found at the ASAP Motors website.

In case you need to replace the existing engine of your Outlander with a new one, the best idea is to visit a website that has used Mitsubishi engines. They are cheaper but they are reliable. The competitors for Mitsubishi Outlander are the Hyundai Tuscan and Mazda CX5 Sport. However, with its advanced technology Outlander is highly competitive.

In 2003, Outlander replaced Montero Sport in North America. It had a modified grill and its length was slightly higher. In 2003 it was the 4G64 engine with which it was introduced but in 2004 the turbo charged 4G63T engine made its appearance. All the vehicles had either front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive options.

October 2005 the second generation Mitsubishi Outlander appeared. It had a new DOHC 2.4 liter 16-valve MIVEC motor.  This DOHC 2.4 liter 16-valve MIVEC engine is available in online stores in case you need to replace one.

Outlander is the only MPV with 4wheel drive produced by Mitsubishi Motors that is able to carry seven passengers. In 2007 the production of Outlander was transferred from the Mitsubishi plant in Nagoya, Japan to its plant in Netherlands. For the 2008 model year Outlander was given a facelift. However, its grille continued until 2010 in the US and Canada.

In 2007 company displayed a model called Evolander which is known as outlander Ralliart at present. It was fitted with a 6B31 V6 engine. Also, it has upgraded suspensions, brakes, wheels, interior and a body kit. With the 2010 upgrade the Outlander got a new dashboard also. This color MFD dashboard display was only used in the higher trims. For the lower trims the older dashboard was retained.