Mitsubishi Raider Engine

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Mitsubishi Corporation manufactured a pickup truck in 2005 following the lines of Dodge Dakota and named it Mitsubishi Raider. The name was picked from Dodge Raider SUV. It was intended for the American market and was equipped with a Power Tech engine with a capacity of 5.7 liters. This V8 engine was able to generate 230 horse powers.  However, there was one with a 3.7 liter engine also. Used Power Tech engine motors are available for sale on some websites even at the moment.

Mitsubishi Raider was manufactured by Daimler Chrysler in the US. Since the early sales were not very good, the production had to be curtailed. In 2005 which was its year of launch, only 2715 vehicles were sold. However, sales increased and in 2007 the company sold 7479 units. Ford Ranger and Nissan Frontier were two of its competitors. All three of these vehicles were in the same price range and all of them were pickups. Raider was available in both two door and four door versions.



Raider was a front engine rear wheel drive pickup truck that also had the four wheel drive option. With its powerful engine it was well suited for traversing rough terrain. Though the original version was equipped with a 5.7 liter Power Tech engine, it was done away with keeping only the less powerful 4.7 liter version. If needed, you can locate good used Raider engines for sale by just submitting a request on our site. So you never need to worry if your Raider gives engine trouble. When it comes to the transmission of the Raider, there was the 4 speed and 5 speed automatic transmission as well as the 6 speed manual transmission for one to choose from.

Mitsubishi has designed a concept truck called Street Raider recently and it has been exhibited in a few motor shows in the US. It has 22 inch wheels and dual exhausts. Also, it has a lower stance. These are features you will never find in the mass produced Raider. It also has an expected price tag of $60,000 making it an expensive truck. However, it is not yet decided to sell it.