Mitsubishi Starion Engine

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Produced between 1982 and 1989 Mitsubishi Starion was a sports car that had a turbocharged engine. This car only offered a four cylinder 2.6 liter engine. It was also badged as a Conquest under Plymouth, Chrysler and Dodge.  It is the first Japanese car to have used electronic fuel injection and also it is the car showed the way to modern turbo charged cars. Nissan 300 ZX and Mazda RX 7 were its closest competitors.



The car was equipped with a 4G63 Mitsubishi Sirius engine or a Mitsubishi Astron engine. While Sirius was a 2.0 liter engine the Astron was a more powerful 2.6 liter one. Used Starion engines for sale are available today in online stores in case you want to buy one. It was a time that every Japanese manufacturer was developing sports cars. That is why Starion had a lot of competitors.

This sleek car was available in two versions a wide bodied car and a narrow bodied one. The narrow bodied car was one with a non intercooled engine and the wide bodied one was a powerful car with a high performance intercooled motor. The narrow bodied one had a 2.0 liter Sirius engine.

The Mitsubishi Starion was a rear wheel drive car with its engine mounted in front. Most of these cars had limited slip differentials and also antilock brakes. Engine capacities depended upon the markets they were intended for. Cars for the American market were fitted with Astron engines. The other markets got cars fitted with the smaller Sirius engines. However, both engines generated the same amount of horse power.

Seat belts of these cars were located on the doors for both driver and the front passenger. They had automatic climate control which was not yet there with many other cars at the time it was made available. Though Starion was not very good off road, it was a sports car that won many sporting events. Later, a station wagon with all wheel drive feature was also produced. In 1989 its production run ended though it was such a successful car.