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Norfolk VA Engines

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When you are looking for used engines for sale in Norfolk VA, you might running into a difficult task. Norfolk has junkyards that sell used engines but inventory is limited compared to what is available online at ASAP Motors. You have found a website that is built for a single purpose, finding a used engine or used transmission for sale from a supplier that knows how to deliver.


When shopping online for used auto parts, a few steps need to be taken before you place an order for the part you are looking to purchase. Norfolk VA has auto repair shops that are able to give you an honest when it comes to diagnosing your engine or transmission problem. Never step out and make such a large purchase without knowing for sure your engine or transmission needs to be replaced. Sometimes, a problem that seems really bad can be resolved by a skilled technician and save you a lot of money.

An automotive repair shop should be ASE certified, this helps you make sure the person working on your car knows what they are talking about. Vehicles these days require not only a good understanding of how an engine functions, but also how the computer functions and how it controls the different systems of the vehicle. Most people who drive cars have no idea how advanced the electronics have gotten. There are sensors on the car that stop the transmission from shifting or even engaging at all. The engine system has become so advanced 1 bad sensor can cause the engine to smoke or even produce a knocking sound. So before purchasing a used engine, get a second opinion from someone you can trust.

Once you know your engine has failed, the next step is filling out the form at the top of the page on the ASAP Motors website. This will send your request out to several different auto parts brokers that will track down what you are looking for at no cost to you.

When you make your purchase, be sure to pay with a credit card or PayPal. Some companies request wire transfer, check by phone or Western Union. Once that happens, stop the transaction and go somewhere else with your money.