Plymouth Arrow Truck Engine

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The Plymouth Arrow was a pickup truck that was made by Mitsubishi and sold by Plymouth between the years of 1979 to 1982. This truck was a part of the larger Dodge ram 50 model. This model was  made to compete with the Ford Courier and the Chevrolet LUV. This truck was exported as the Mighty Max by Mitsubishi into the US in 1982.  The vehicle offered either a 2.0 liter 4G52 L4 engine that gave 93 hp or a 2.6 liter 4G54 L4 capable of 105 hp. Both of these engines came with either a 5 speed KM132 or 5 speed KM145 manual transmissions.  Used Arrow truck engines for sale can be found using the free resource at ASAP Motors.



It is worth nothing that this car was a rebadged Mitsubishi Forte. This car was rear wheel driven and was made specifically for the Japanese market.  It finally received a four wheel drive option in 1982. Arrow trucks were made into either Ram 50’s or a Mitsubishi Mighty Max. It is worth talking about the car that this car evolved into. The Ram 50 was born in 1979 and at the time it had the same motor that would later be used in the Arrow truck.

After the addition of the four wheel drive option soon the Arrow truck was dropped and in ’82, the power RAM 50 was born. This truck would go on to receive a turbo diesel engine later in 1983. This became the main engine until ’85. The diesel version was not a well-designed Mitsubishi engine and was soon taken out of production.

Again it was redesigned in 1987 and went on to be succeeded by the Dodge Dakota. The second generation of this truck, which ran from ’87 to 1996, had a 2.0 liter L4 engine capable of 90 hp and a 2.6 liter motor that gave 109 hp.  In total, this vehicle received five different engines with hopes of each of the engines being superior to the one that preceded it. The Mitsubishi designed 2.6 liter engine ended up being an engine that had long term issues and was finally stopped from production in the late 80’s.