Porsche 911 Engine

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The Porsche 911 engine is a rear mounted air cooled engine. The same basic design has been used for more than 50 years because of it’s durability, reliability and performance. The 911 motor has gone through several major changes throughout the years. The 911 is a rally car design that is lightweight, handles great and is fun to drive. It has been used on the race as well as the local market for everyday drivers. The 911 engine has seen a few improvements, redesigns, and displacement changes during production. The most common Porsche 911 engine is the 2.7 liter version. The earlier models made in the 70’s produced over 200 horsepower and plenty of torque. This made for a car that is really a blast to drive both in the city and the open road. A bigger brother to the 991 2.7 engine was the 3.0 liter 911 turbocharged version. This car was equipped with a variable boost that was controlled from inside the cabin. If the driver opened it all the way and forgot about it, the end result was sometimes terrible. The engine would boost so high so fast if you were powering through a turn the car would get thrown off the road!

Once you purchase your 911 used engine, make sure to have a qualified mechanic install it for you. Even though the car is an old school design, some of the tolerances, torques and adjustments that need to be made are only known by an experienced German mechanic. Don’t rush into anything, take your time purchasing your engine and getting it installed. Remember to ask lots of questions and above all pay with a major credit card.