Porsche Boxster Engine

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The Porsche Boxster was first built in 1996 from a Cayman design and had a 2.5 liter engine. This engine ran great was has a terrible flaw that is still causing headaches for Boxster owners today. The design flaw was in the timing components, specifically a small bearing in the timing cover. This bearing holds a shaft that holds the timing belt in place. This particular bearing is under a heavy load and used for a critical component. The problem is Porsche used a sealed bearing instead of a bearing that could be lubricated from the crankcase oil. When this bearing gets dry and fails, the shaft moves out of place and the 2.5 liter Boxster engine jumps time. If this was a Chevy Silverado or a Ford F150 with a 5.0 engine you would only replace a few parts and be back on the road. The Boxster engine is an interference engine, that means when the car gets out of time the pistons hit the valves and cause catastrophic cylinder damage. The usual result is snapped of valves, broken pistons and damage to the cylinder head as well. Porsche should have had a recall on this problem but managed to sidestep it. Some people ended up buying a rebuilt or new Boxster engine and spent thousands fixing a car that never should have broken down to begin with.

Make sure you hire a German Import type shop to work on your Boxster. Their experience and insight to this problem and other can prove to be invaluable and will help protect your wallet.