Saab 9-3 Engines

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Finding a used Saab 9-3 engine for sale is not the first step in the buying process. The first order of business is to determine what size motor your 9-3 has under the hood. The base model Saab 9-3 engine is a 1.8 Ecotec non-turbo engine. This engine has proven to be very reliable when properly maintained by the Saab dealer or local mechanic shop. The next step up engine used in the 9-3 is a 1.8t which is a turbocharged engine. The turbocharger is a bolt on unit that uses exhaust gas to force air back into the engine and increase horsepower. This is an very economical and safe method for boosting performance without sacrificing reliability. After the 1.8t engine is the 2.0 liter turbocharged engine. The 2.0t comes in 2 different versions, the mid-pressure type and the high-pressure type.  The high-pressure engine offers better performance than the mid-pressure so it is considered an upgrade. The Saab 9 3 diesel engines are not very popular but overall offer good performance for a diesel engine but cost more than the gasoline versions. The most powerful 9-3 V6 engine used in the Saab is a 2.8 turbo designed motor. This is considered the top of the line engine for the 9-3 Saab.

Once you find the Saab 9-3 engine you are looking for from a supplier, do some homework before laying down your credit card and buying it. A quick online reputation search might help you avoid problems down the road in the event of a warranty claim.