Dodge Laser Engine

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From 1990 to 1994, the Dodge Laser was built in three closely-related models with different badging. The cars were the Plymouth Laser, the Eagle Talon and the Mitsubishi Eclipse.


The Laser was built to trim specifications for the U.S. market that were slightly more upscale than those featured in the other two. These vehicles were produced by Diamond Star Motors, a joint venture between the Chrysler Corporation and the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.

Three different Plymouth Laser/Dodge Laser engine sizes were produced for use in Laser, Talon and Eclipse models. While some car buffs refer to this vehicle as the Dodge Laser, Chrysler never produced it as part of the Dodge brand, just the Plymouth brand.

Dodge Laser Engine Sizes and Transmissions

Here is an overview of the three Plymouth Laser/Dodge Laser engine sizes. All three of the engines were produced by Mitsubishi.

The smallest of the Dodge Laser engine sizes was the 1.8L Mitsubishi 4G37 I4 which was very similar to the Dodge I4 engine widely used in many of Dodge’s coupes and smaller sedans. This four-cylinder produced 92hp. The result was a car that some drivers considered to be underpowered.

The Laser RS was available with 4-cylinder, 2.0L DOHC engine known as the Mitsubishi 4G63 I4. This optional engine boosted power significantly to a robust 135hp. The largest of the Dodge Laser engine sizes was a four-cylinder, turbocharged 2.0L engine rated at 195hp. Called the Mitsubishi 4G63T I4, it was available in the Plymouth Laser RS Turbo.
The standard transmission was a five-speed manual. A four-speed automatic was an option for all vehicles except the Laser RS Turbo on which it was standard through the 1990 model year.

Performance Upgrades through the Years

Features changed through the years to enhance performance. In 1991, the Laser was outfitted with anti-lock brakes, fairly new technology at the time. The Laser RS in this model year was available only with the 195hp Mitsubishi 4G63T I4 engine.

In 1992, cosmetic changes were introduced along with the inclusion of an all-wheel drive model. The RS Turbo AWD was equipped with a manual transmission. Problems with the pop-up headlights caused Dodge engineers to replace them with fixed headlights.
For 1993, the AWD Lasers were built with automatic transmissions only, a move that caused the output of the turbocharged 2.0L Mitsubishi 4G63T I4 engines to drop to 180hp.