Dodge Magnum Engine

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The Magnum lived two lives during its production run, and the Dodge Magnum engine sizes reflected the times in which the car was produced. The 1978-1979 Dodge Magnum was a large coupe sold in the United States. The Magnum was reintroduced in 2005 by Daimler Chrysler as a sporty, 5-door station wagon. Here’s a look at the available engine sizes for the early muscle car and the more recent incarnation of the Dodge Magnum.


Dodge Magnum Engine Sizes for 1978-1979

The base engine for this ride was the popular Chrysler 318 V8 with Lean Burn technology. For more muscle, drivers were offered 360 cu. in. and 400 cu. in. V8 engines with a choice of 2-barrel and 4-barrel carburetion. For comparison, the 318 cubic inch engine translated to 5.21L while the 360 was 5.9L and the 400 was a 6.6L engine.

With a vehicle weight of 3,900lbs, many consumers opted for the larger engines. These cars weren’t exceptionally quick off the line but had an impressive top-end speed. The 400 was dropped for the 1979 production year as Chrysler eliminated all big-block V8s.
NASCAR champion Richard Petty drove the Dodge Magnum during its production run. The move that allowed him to retain Mopar as a sponsor after Petty’s preferred 1974 Charger became ineligible for NASCAR competition.

Dodge Magnum Engine Sizes for 2005-2008

Dodge Magnum engine sizes gave consumers four options that allowed for outstanding gas mileage, plenty of muscle and choices in-between. The base engine was the 2.72L EER V6 in the Magnum SE that made 190 horsepower. The next step was the 3.5L EGJ V6 (250hp) in the SXT package. The remaining two options were V8s – the 5.7L EZB Hemi V8 with 340hp in RT models and the 6.1L ESF Hemi V8 in the SRT8 that churned out 425hp.

All 2005-2008 models came with a standard four-speed automatic transmission. Daimler Chrysler made all-wheel drive SXT and RT models that were equipped with a Mercedes-Benz 5-speed automatic.

The SRT8 did well on the track, going from 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds and reaching 100 mph in 11.7 seconds. Its quarter-mile time was 13.1 seconds with top speed of 108 mph. The SRT8 was named the 2006 Best New Modern Muscle Car in Canada.