Dodge Spirit Engine

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The base engine for the Dodge Spirit and the Spirit LE was the TBI 4-cylinder 2.5L engine that churned out 100hp, a power plant consistent with those used in Dodge’s other small and midsized vehicles such as the Dodge Rampage and Magnum. As an option, Dodge offered a peppier 3.0L/180 cu. in. V6 made by Mitsubishi that delivered 141hp.


From 1993-1995, with fuel economy a high priority with many consumers, Dodge offered the Spirit with a flexible fuel engine, a version of the standard 2.5L engine that could use 85% methanol fuel.

High Performance Dodge Spirit Engine Sizes

From 1989 through 1992, the standard engine for the Spirit ES was a 150hp turbocharged edition of the standard 2.5L engine. This power plant was also an option on all non-ES models of the Dodge Spirit midsized sedan.

In 1991, the Dodge Spirit R/T was unleashed with a 16-valve DOHC 2.2L engine designed by Lotus, the most powerful of the Dodge Spirit engine sizes. Known as the Turbo III engine, it used a super-cooled turbocharger produced by Garrett. The Turbo III was used in several Dodge models in the 1990s. It delivered an impressive 224hp and 217lb-ft of torque. This Lotus-built power plant won a prestigious European design competition against notable competition Maserati and Hans Hermann.

Packing the Turbo III, the Dodge Spirit R/T when from 0-60 in 5.8 seconds in testing by Car and Driver magazine – exceptionally quick for a front-wheel drive sedan with a sticker price under $40k. The vehicle garnered Motor Trend’s “Domestic Sport Sedan of the Year” in 1991 against competition that included the sporty, quick Ford Taurus SHO. With a top-end speed exceeding 120mph, the Spirit R/T featured a speedometer calibrated to 150mph. Total Sales of this vehicle for 1991 were just 1,208 vehicles and it is now considered a collectors’ car.