Dodge Stealth Engine

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The Dodge Stealth was a product of Chrysler Corp. working with Mitsubishi during the 1990s. The vehicle was manufactured by Mitsubishi from 1990 to 2001 and marketed as the Mitsubishi GTO in Japan and other international markets. It was imported to the United States by Chrysler and labeled and marketed as the Dodge Stealth from 1991 to 1996.



Chrysler utilized a captive import type strategy in importing the Mitsubishi GTO from Japan. This meant Chrysler had the exclusive rights to market the vehicle in the United States under its Dodge nameplate.

The car’s design was pure sports car and meant to compete on the international market with the big name sports car builders. The vehicles design featured a transverse forward mounted engine that powered the basic front-wheel drive configuration or the optional four-wheel drive model.

As with any sports car, the engine was critical to the performance of the Dodge Stealth. The standard engine during the early years of the product was a 3.0-liter V-6 with 12 valves. This engine produced about 160 horsepower. Buyers looking for more power could choose from optional enhancements to the 3.0-liter power plant. The 24-valve version of the engine increased the horsepower to about 220 horsepower. Adding a twin turbo to the engine could increase power to nearly 300 horsepower.

This engine was part of the Mitsubishi 6G7 line of engines. This line of gasoline fueled engines powered a number of its products in the 1990s and was available in a variety of sizes. The twin turbo configuration featured one turbocharger for each side of the V-6 engine increasing the airflow to the cylinders. The engines earned the nickname the “Cyclone V-6” and featured a cast iron block with a cast aluminum manifold.

A redesign for the 1994 model year still stayed with the basic 3.0-liter V-6 engine. The standard 12-valve engine remained rated at 160 horsepower. Design changes increased the horsepower of the optional turbocharged 24-valve engine to about 320 horsepower.

Chrysler discontinued the Dodge Stealth after the 1996 model year although Mitsubishi continued production for about five more years. A 1997 redesign of the Mitsubishi product retained the same engines as the previous generation of the vehicle.