Volkswagen Jetta Engine

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The Jetta engine has gone through several upgrades, improvements and ground up redesigns. The earliest Jetta 1.8 engine was used in the VW all around the world. The engine was known for reliability and economy, both fuel wiese and cost wise. The VW Jetta was brought to market as an economy car meant to fit the budget of the buyer who did not want to spend a lot of money to get a good car they could depend on. This car was used for taxis over in Europe and as everyone knows, a taxi service puts a lot of demand on its cars.

Some of the newer Jetta engines started to have issues with the timing belt assembly. The 2.0 liter Jetta engine would bend the valves and destroy the engine. The timing belt attaches to the crankshaft and travels up and around the camshaft. This must stay in time with the pistons so when the piston is in the up position, the valves are closed and when the piston is in the downstroke position, the valves are open. When the timing belt fails, the valves stay open and the pistons keep moving. As you can guess moving at 2000 rpm the pistons are causing a lot of damage.

The VW Jetta diesel engine as everyone knows is a whole different story. The VW diesel engine is a well built engine but VW could not get it to pass inspection. Their answer to the emission issue was to just cheat the system. They did just that and got caught. VW stock has really suffered as have customer relations.