Volkswagen Passat Engine

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VW Passat engines come in different models and displacement sizes and well as gas and of course diesel. The early model Passat was a real workhorse boasting German engineering throughout the car which made it a well built Volkswagen. Some Volkswagens have the components made in Japan or China and have not fared as well as the true German components. When it comes to cars, even Jeremy Clarkson says the Germans are the best!

The most used engine size in the Volkswagen Passat is the 2.0 liter engine with an overhead cam design, belt driven and uses gasoline for fuel. This engine has been made at least a million times making it 1 of the highest produced VW engines to date. Volkswagen sells cars worldwide and the USA is actually a smaller market than some of the European countries. Overseas people really like the VW brand. For a while, the Passat diesel engine was in real high demand, especially overseas. The Germans main fuel used in their cars is diesel, not gasoline. The reason is diesel is cheaper to make and creates less pollution. Here in the USA, most consumers demand power or economy so that is why our market is mostly gas model cars and trucks. The newer diesel engines are much more efficient and offer double the power of the older VW engines so demand is on the rise. However, the US market is still a long way away from having close to a 50-50 ratio of gas and diesel cars on the highways anytime soon.