Alfa Romeo 1750 Engine

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The Alfa Romeo 1750/2000 is a range of executive cars which was produced by Alfa Romeo from 1967 to 1977. The 1750 Berlina sedan was introduced in 1967, together with the 1750 GTV coupe and 2000 Spider. The 1750 models replaced the earlier 2600 Berlina, Sprint and Spider at the top of the Alfa Romeo range. The 1750 Berlina was based on the existing Giulia sedan, which continued in production. It replaces Alfa Romeo 2600 in 1968. The 1750 GTV appeared in 1967 along with the 1750 Berlina sedan and 1750 Spider. The same type of motor was used to power all three versions. Alfa Romeo 1750 was manufactured in Alfa Romeo Arese Plant which also produces others Alfa Romeo model cars: Alfa Romeo 1750 (1968), Alfa Romeo 2000 (1971), Alfa Romeo Alfetta (1972), Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT (1974),Alfa Romeo Nuova Giulietta (1977).



The 1750 was meant to top the sedan range, above the 1,300 cc and 1,600 cc versions of the Giulia. In 1971, the 1750 Berlina was fitted with an experimental five speed manual and three-speed ZF automatic gearbox. The model designation was 1750A Berlina. The automatic gearbox wasn’t well-suited to the four-cylinder motor due to bulky shifting and ill-chosen gear ratio. Because of this, its fuel consumption was frighteningly high and acceleration was a bit too slow. The 1750 body shell had a longer wheelbase than the Giulia, and revised external panels, but it shared many of the same internal panels. The windscreen was also the same. Alfa Romeo 1750 came out in following versions over years: 1750 Berlina series 1    (1968–1969), 1750 Berlina series 2 (1969–1971), 1750 Berlina Injection (1969–1971). Used engines provide a true value large numbers of owners of older cars.

The car has a 1,779 cc twin-carb engine and hydraulic clutch. The 1.8 Liter engine produced 118 PS (87 kW; 116 hp) with two twin side draught carburetors. 2000 series Berlina was made by Alfa Romeo between 1971-1977. In mid 1971 the 1750 series was replaced with the 2000 series. Alfa Romeo 1750 owners can find used Alfa Romeo 1750 engines for sale available at ASAP Motors.