Alfa Romeo Milano Engine

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The Alfa-Romeo Milano a compact executive car which is also called as Alfa-Romeo 75 which was manufactured by Alfa Romeo starting from the year 1985 to 1992. In those days the market for this car was tremendous and hence production of the car was around 236,907 in the first 3 years. When the production of the car was halted in the year 1992, 386,767 cars had hit the market. Alfa-Romeo Milano is the last model car from the original Alfa-Romeo brand and was acquired by Fiat a few years later.



At the initial launch of the car in the year 1985, the engines available were a 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 carbureted engine with 4 cylinders and an intercooled 2.0 turbo diesel which was developed by VM Motori and was a 2.5 fuel injected V6. A turbo charger was introduced for this car for the first time in the year 1986 with 1779 cc with twin cam engine.

The 2.0 liter twin cam engine was losing its market appeal so it was redesigned and renamed the Twin Spark. A new variable valve timing feature of the 2.0 liter twin cam engine made the car top list in the sales. This had greater success compared to the any other flavors of the car as it was providing 148 horsepower. The used Alfa Romeo Milano engine is available for sale at our website. In the year 1987 V6 3.0 liter engine was added and used with great success.

The North American cars had different levels of equipments which were made as optional in Europe. The lower displacement of the 1.8 turbo car helped to hold down cost compared to the others. The new 3.0 Liter engine was introduced in America after shifting from 2.5 which had gotten some great road time. This engine was incorporated in the year 1987.  When it is made available in Europe, it was equipped with catalytic converter for emission standards.

After 1988, all the engines were updated because current market was demanding better performance. A carbureted version of 1.8 was converted to fuel injection. Later, the 3.0 V6 was redesigned to accommodate a new Motronic system which was first built by L-Jetronic. The same used engines are used in Morgan Roadster and Renault Laguna. With the usage of this advanced motor, the sales of the car had a greater improvement and helped to dominate its competitors.