Alfa Romeo Spider Engine

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Starting from the year 1966 this roadster was produced until 1993 from Alfa-Romeo, an Italian manufacturer. This roadster is also called different names like Classic Spider, Giulia Spider and 105 – Series Spider. Production of these cars lasted 3 decades while only performing some minor changes to the line.



Series 1 Spider: This was produced from 1966 to 1969 and the first car was named Duetto and was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in the year 1966. The production of original Duetto was only until 1967. The 1750 Spider Veloce which had 118 hp with 1779 cc engine replaced the 1570cc Duetto which was offered 109 hp. The Spider 1300 Junior was introduced into the market in the year 1968 which had 1290 cc engine producing 89 hp. which is less compared to the Veloce. The 1750 spider was famous for its design as it had a cuttlefish bone shape.

Series 2 Spider: In the year 1970 the design of the 1750 car was redesigned from a long tail to a cut off tail which was called a Kamm tail. In the year 1971, the 2000 Spider Veloce was introduced which was rated with more power compared to the previous versions. The 1962 cc motor used in this car made it the best to date as it was generating 132hp. With such a great success the used Alfa Spider engine is still available for sale in salvage yards across the US. In the year 1974 and 1975 two back seats were introduced for 1300 and 2000 car making them 4 sitters.

Series 3 Spider: Rear bumpers and black colored rubber front were introduced for the 1600 Junior in the year 1983. In 1986, one more model, the Quadrifoglio Verde was introduced which had many changes like side skirts, spoilers, mirrors, trunk and a new front end. But when it is compared to the performance of the Veloce, it was almost similar. The standard Veloce model which had gotten 4 cylinder double overhead 1962 cc engine and was actually under powered. This was a very good competitor for Lotus 23 and Porsche 904.

Series 4 Spider: A major change was made in the year 1990 to compete with the current market. The introduction of the Motronic fuel injector of Bosh was unveiled. Under bumper spoilers were removed and the automatic transmission received a redesign which added to performance. The original Spider production was halted in the year 1993 but a commemorative edition got released into North American market in the year 1993. The same version was sold in Europe by incorporating 1.6 liter engine which was used for Series 3 cars. With the advanced technology, these used engines with Motronic fuel injector are still hanging around some dismantlers today.