Alfa-Romeo 2000 Spider Engine

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By 1958, the 1900 was the “senior” Alfa Romeo and in need of an update. Its successor arrived that year as the Alfa Romeo 2000 with new bodywork wrapped around what were basically the Alfa Romeo 1900 engine and running gear. First out were a Berlina, designed and built by the factory and a dashing Spider with bodywork by Carrozzeria Touring. A Sprint coupe designed by Bertone completed the range in 1960.



Built on the new Series 201 platform, the 2000 Spider was produced alongside the 1.2-litre Giulietta Spider. The GMT 201 names are applied to the GM U-based minivans. These include the Chevrolet Uplander, Pontiac Montana SV6, Buick Terraza and Saturn Relay Both cars shared much of the same styling, but the 2000 featured twin scoops on the hood and were larger in size.

The Alfa Romeo 2000’s DOHC four-cylinder engine was essentially the same as the second-series 1900 unit, with cast-iron block, aluminum head, and 1975 cc from an 84.5-mm bore and 88-mm stroke. The Berlina motor, with a single downdraft Solex carburetor, produced 105 horsepower at 5300 rpm, while the Sprint and Spider versions put out 115 bhp at 5900 via twin Solex side draft instruments. You can locate remanufactured or used Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider engines for sale through ASAP Motors using the free online site.

In an effort to regain the model spread lost by concentrating so heavily on its Giulietta/Giulia series, Alfa Romeo gave its senior 2000 line a new six-cylinder engine in 1962. Typically Alfa had a chain-driven double overhead camshafts, cast-iron block, and aluminum head, but was developed more from the smaller Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Though physically longer than the 2.0-liter four, the 2.5 six fit into the engine compartment with surprising ease, suggesting that Alfa engineers may well have had this move in mind when they created the Alfa Romeo 2000 four years earlier.

It comes in following Body styles: 4-door Berlina (sedan), 2-door Spider (convertible), 2-door Sprint (coupe). The 2000 was replaced by the six-cylinder Alfa Romeo 2600, produced from 1961. Used engines for the Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider is available at various online auto repair part websites at competitive prices.