Buick Rendezvous Engine

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The Buick Rendezvous was built in 2002 and marketed to the midsize crossover US market. This little SUV was an instant hit when famous golfer Tiger Woods lit up everyone’s television screen driving the Rendezvous down the road. The engines used in the Rendezvous were varied slightly by year and the type package the Buick was outfitted with at the factory.

The most popular engine used in the Rendezvous was the 3.4 liter V6 engine. The 3.4 motor was used in the Chevy Impala, Buick Century, and the Pontiac Grand Am. The biggest issue known with the 3.4 liter engine was intake gasket failure. When the intake gasket fails, this causes the engine coolant to get sucked into the cylinders and it hydrolocks the engine. When that happens, the engine can not compress the fluid and it will bend or break a rod. The 3.6 liter V6 engine GM built is a much better built engine over the 3.4 liter engine. This upgraded engine offered better mileage, performance and reliability. Let’s face it, everyone loses when when an engine fails prematurely, the Rendezvous buyer and the automaker that takes on the bad reputation. The only winner in something like this is the dealership that gets paid by GM to do the warranty work on the car.

After you have decided to order your used engine, go through the offers carefully, do not rush. Different auto parts brokers will have different prices, warranties, shippings and time. Once you are comfortable with the supplier, do a quick Google search or BBB search. This will help head off potential issues. Make sure to pay with a major credit card or PayPal. Never send cash, check or wire.