Chevy 3500 Engine

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This was the first truck from general motors to really fit between being a truck and a pickup. This truck was offered only in the commercial cab version although some companies were able to modify the initial model so as to give deluxe cabs that could be used for personal use. This truck never came in the four wheel variation from the company but some companies were able to do some aftermarket modifications. These modifications came with wither the Dana 70 or the Dana 60 front axle.



This truck model saw a few different engines included. If you are looking for used Chevy 3500 engines, good news is that these used Chevy 3500 engines can be found for sale all over the internet after a careful search. They have also been used for car models that are similar to the Chevy 3500. The first was the 1995 model which was the 5.7 liter, and was dropped in 1996. The second variation to this engine was the 7.4 liter and the 6.5 liter which was a turbo powered diesel engine. It is worth noting that there was no 6.2 liter diesel used engines included for this truck model ever. In 1991, there were no diesel engines produced and then in 1992 there was the 6.5 liter diesel powered turbo engine. This engine saw only two types of transmission options offered. The first was the NV4500 5 speed which was manual and the other was the 4L80E 4 speed which was automatic. ASAP Motors can find the used Chevy 3500 for sale from a supplier you can do business with.

The truck also saw the inclusion of the Dana 80 drive axel which was an eighty-five inch wide floating axel. This axel had an 11 inches ring gear. There has been speculation that this engine was later upgraded to include the 14 bolt full floating corporate axels that had ten and a half inch ring gears. The models that used these two different axels were almost similar in design but the later had a lot more improvements on its chassis done. The biggest competition for this model has been the Ford F-350 truck. Ford has always been a driving force in the auto industry.