Chevy 3800 Engine

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The first engine in this series was made in the early ‘60s. It was the 3.8 liter v6 Buick engine. This engine was faulted as having uneven firing which led to the initial design being sold to Jeep. In ’74, GM bought the engine back and reintroduced it in ’75. The first improved engines in this series were used in the Apollo and Regal cars. This variation was used in the LeSabre cars and had a massive 227 cubic inch engine. It gave over 110 hp. This car received a turbo-charged 6 valve engine in 1987 and it was seen to offer all the properties that were desired in a car at that time. It gave good fuel economy and a lot of power. Efforts to improve this engine started in 1977 and were finished in 1991.



It is worth noting that since it was bought back from jeep in ’75, the 3800 motor has received a lot of improvements and overhauls. The first was the improvement of the uneven firing through the use of a split-pin crankshaft. Power for the engine was also refined in 1979 through the use of larger valves and use of new intake and exhaust ports. The pistons were also refined in 1986 which lead to smoother driving and better ignition. In 1990, a tuned up port induction led to a surge in the horse powers that the engines gave.

In 1995, this engine was overhauled. This led to the birth of the 3800 series 2 6-valve engine. A lot of the changes that were made were so as to offer better driving, better fuel intake and output, improve power production and to boost the fuel economy. The latest vehicle, the Chevy Camaro used the 3800 SPI motor.If used Chevy 3800 engines are what you are looking for, then the good news is that there are many websites that sell them online. These sites can also guide you with the computability of these engines with other car models. All you need to do is a little research.