Honda Fit Engine

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The Fit is sold worldwide and was built to compete with the Toyota Corolla. The Fit started selling in 2001 but sales here in the United States did not start until 2006. The Fit replaced the Civic in the sense it is a entry level sub-compact car and the Civic has been moved up to compact car. The Fit has a 1.5 liter is an i-VTEC design which is economical and durable. The 2 transmissions offered are a manual shift 5-speed or a 5 speed automatic transmission instead of the widely used CVT type. The automatic version is equipped with paddle shifters on the steering wheel to add a sporty feel to the car.



Honda making sure the Fit meets the US safety standards by including standard steering wheels airbags, side-curtain airbags and standard side airbags not including ABS braking system. Also, because of US regulations the Fit has a larger front bumper and a longer front clip which adds to the overall length of the car.

The 2008 model Fit was upgraded with a tire pressure monitoring system. The TPMS will alert the driver when a tire is low on pressure and needs to have air added. The downside is the TPMS does not tell the driver which tire is low so all 4 should to be checked. New regulations being pushed for mileage efficiency depend on tire pressure to increase the miles per gallon so this system is being added to many different models.

The Fit has been a very successful car for the automaker. Car and Driver calls it as “Small is the New Big” because of the amount of standard features and the upscale interior while still remaining a sub-compact model. The price is generally more than the Toyota Yaris and Nissan Versa it is still a major player in the market.