Honda Passport Engine

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The Passport was built in 1994 and offered a 2.6 Isuzu built engine and a 3.2 single overhead cam design motor. This vehicle was designed to compete with the Jeep Cherokee, Mitsubishi Montero and the Ford Explorer. It was actually produced by Isuzu in a rush in an attempt to get some of the compact SUV market. However it didn’t work. It was also offered by Isuzu as the Rodeo and had the same 2.6 liter engine as an option. It came in 2 wheel drive and also 4 wheel drive was an option. The buyer could purchase an automatic or manual transmission.  They also provided Honda with the Trooper which was marketed by Acura as the SLX. They even tried to keep up with the Chevy S-10 Blazer model which dominated the market.



The 2nd generation Passport started in 1998 and was finished in 2002. Although 2 trim levels were available for the Passport, only 1 engine was offered. It was built on the earlier 3.2 single overhead cam but was changed to a 3.2 dual overhead cam motor. The helped with power, torque and economy.  The LX model was more of the economy version while the EX was up scale in the trim package. The EX for example had the spare tire under the cargo area while the LX had the spare mounted to a swinging carrier that mounted on the rear of the vehicle.  The optional 16” wheel on the LX package along with 2 tone paint was a final attempt to gain more market share which unfortunately never happened.

After very soft sales, Honda discontinued the Passport and replaced it with a new vehicle, the Pilot. They replaced the Isuzu Rodeo when Isuzu started to withdraw from the market place in Canada. Eventually even the Isuzu Axiom was also cut from production.  Isuzu has since stopped production of their design for passenger vehicles all together, however they remain very strong in the commercial truck sales marketplace.