Isuzu Trooper Engine

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The Isuzu Trooper engine first used was a 1.9 Isuzu built 4 cylinder. This little engine was really under powered but Isuzu used it in the Isuzu truck or pup as it was called. Also, the Isuzu Impulse had a different version of the 1.9 motor. The first upgrade used in the Trooper was a 2.3 Isuzu engine, this engine was carbureted and ran well but the aluminum head did not hold up well. Soon after the Trooper had an available 2.6 engine that was fuel injected. This engine ran good but the head was a nightmare, it failed all the time.

The next generation Trooper had an optional 2.8-liter V-6 engine like the Chevy Camaro offered. It was the same except the starter mounted on the opposite side of the Camaro and would not fit the Trooper. In 1992 the Trooper 3.5 V-6 engine came to market and was a great selling point. It ran really well offering the power midsize SUV buyers wanted. This engine was prone to problems as well, the 3.2-liter engine it replaced also had issues. All Trooper transmission came in a 4-wheel drive version only. Some of the earlier model Troopers did have an optional manual shift transmission. However, as the newer models came to market, the manual shift transmission was dropped all together and only an automatic type was offered.

All in all, the Trooper was popular but not a well-built vehicle. Not only was the engine prone to issues, the transmissions, steering and other issues really drove up complaints and eventually the Trooper was pulled from production. Soon after Isuzu passenger vehicles were pulled from production and only commercial grade trucks and machines are still being produced. The most prevalent are the tractor type trucks used to pull large trailers.